Portable ECG Monitor

Do you feel discomfort? Don’t just guess; take a reading to help give your doctor a clearer understanding

Display of ECG waveform, heart rate, analysis results and battery status on the backlit LCD

Small, Portable and Easy to Operate

200 ECG Records, each with a 30 second ECG Waveform and analysis

Operation Guide

MD100B continuous mode.jpg


In this mode the device will show real time continuous readings. Continuous heart monitoring is useful for capturing irregular heartbeats that happen infrequently, and sometimes without symptoms.

MD100 Easy Mode.jpg


The device is set to take up to 200 ECG records, each with a 30-second ECG waveform and analysis. The results can be transmitted to PC by USB mode

Handheld ECG Monitor

MD100B Handheld ECG Training Video

Learn how to operate and understand the readings on your handheld ECG Monitor in this video

MD100B Finger Clips Operation

Learn how to operate your handheld ECG monitor using the Finger clips method in this video

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