Infrared Thermometer CFT-308

ChoiceMMed Infrared Thermometer is a high-tech, high-sensitivity infrared forehead thermometer that uses the principle of infrared thermal radiation to measure the infrared energy emitted from the forehead of the human body. It is non-contact measurement and avoids cross infection. Suitable for home users (including adults and children), medical institutions, enterprises and institutions as well as communities, schools and other public places.

Age precision technology makes temperature measurement more accurate

Can be used for any age

Easy to Use 1s Temperature Measurement

One Key operation to have quick temperature measurement, non- contact measurement and avoid cross infection

High precision infrared sensor guarantees medical-grade accuracy

The device is multi-purpose, multi-mode switching, temperature measurement becomes more convenient (body temperature, milk temperature, water temperature, room temperature)

Bluetooth data transmission monitor body temperature anytime & anywhere

Low Energy Bluetooth transmission to APP on smart Phone or Pad, support remote temperature measurement, easy to achieve user’s temperature management

Environmental temperature compensation algortihm, eliminate interference effectively

More Personalised Design, more comfortable use

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Fashionable appearance, ergonomic design, more comfortable grip

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2x10 groups of memory storage and data review, real-time check the changes of temperature

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30s automatic shutdown energy saving

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Switch between C and F, convenient to use


Low power display

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