HEiDi Compact Hydrogen Generator

Enjoy the benefits of H2 Molecular Hydrogen for the family at the comfort of your home.

HEiDi H100 Compact Hydrogen Generator

Portable Design - Lightweight in Small size Portable design Multiple Time and Flow setting - 30mins / 60 mins / 90 mins - minimum / medium / maximum flow rate Operation Friendly - One Press to start

Japanese Technology

- Compact Design - Safety Design - Easy Operation - 99.995 purity of H2

Product Parameter

How To Operate HEiDi Compact Hydrogen Generator

Inhalation sessions to suite your needs

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Inhalation Sesions

Enjoy the Benefits of H2 without investing a unit for the moment. - Boost antioxidant - Improve energy - Improve sleep Please note effect on individuals will differ due to physiological differences. If unsure if H2 inhalation is suitable for you, please consult your medical provider before doing H2 inhalation.

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1.  MonitorYourHealth is promoting Molecular Hydrogen, H2 for the purpose of general wellness.  References to research done on medical benefits of H2 are just for reference.  MonitorYourHealth or its agents are not promoting H2 inhalation for medical purposes. 2. Inhalation of H2 gas has been proven by research studies to be safe for human. However due to individual’s physiological differences, each person’s reaction to inhaling H2 gas may be differ. If unsure please consult your medical doctor before inhaling H2 gas. 3. Wellness benefits of energy and sleep quality improvement have been proven by research studies and actual user experiences. However due to individual’s physiological differences and wellness conditions, level of improvements will differ from one individual to another.